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Thank you for reading an excerpt from OUT OF THIS WORLD: A Christian's Guide to Growth and Purpose.

"Out of This World; A Christian's Guide to Growth and Purpose" has ministered to more than 500,000 people in 170 countries and 18 languages world-wide.  

Our vision is to bring this exceptional devotional to millions of new Christians in more than 60 languages through our partnership with YouVersion's The Bible App.  Our goal is to translate the entire book into new languages regularly, and deploy globally in digital format on YouVersion's The Bible App  at absolutely no cost to our readers.

Future Language Support

We are also planning and seeking funding for numerous additional languages across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  

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Thank You!

I am honored that you have enjoyed reading a portion of my book, and I sincerely hope it has blessed you.

Our goal is to help Christians all around the world gain lasting clarity and a lifetime of growth in their walk with God.  

I pray that God will use this book to bless you in this way, and give you His favor, peace and joy!


David Swandt, Author of OUT OF THIS WORLD; A Christian's Guide to Growth and Purpose.

President and Founder, Twenty20 Faith, Inc.

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