Helping New Christians: "Grow in Faith"


Out of This World; A Christian's Guide to Growth and Purpose has ministered to more than 500,000 people in 150 countries and 10 languages world-wide (with 3 more launching in August, 2018).  

Our vision is to bring this exceptional, foundation-building devotional to millions of new Christians in more than 150 countries in 50 languages.  

Through our partnership with YouVersion's The Bible App, our goal is to translate the entire book into 50 languages, and deploy globally in digital format on the YouVersion platform at absolutely no cost to our readers.   

Our hope is that you will consider joining us in partnership to help bring this to fruition.  

We are Seeking Language Sponsors to Expand Into:

REGION #1:  Middle East & Africa:

  • ARABIC - (SPONSORED NOV. 15, 2018) spoken across the Middle East and Northern Africa by 400 Million People.

  • AFRIKAANS - spoken in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

  • SWAHILI - spoken in south and eastern regions including Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

REGION #2:  Europe & Russia

  • RUSSIAN - official language of Russia and spoken by more than 150 Million world-wide.

  • ITALIAN - (SPONSORED NOV. 15, 2018) official language of Italy, spoken by 63 million people and is our most requested language.

  • DUTCH - spoken across Western Europe by 23 million people, predominantly in The Netherlands and Belgium.

REGION #3:  Scandinavia

  • SWEDISH - Official language of Sweden, and spoken by 10 million people.

  • NORWEGIAN - Official language of Norway and spoken by 4 million people.

  • FINNISH - Official language of Finland, and spoken by 5 million people.

How You Can Help . . .

Language Sponsorship & General Giving


Your donation of any size will go toward these translations, deployments and on-going ministry support to new Christians around the world.  

Sponsorship for a full language:  $2500

Sponsorship for a Region (3 languages):  $7500

To request sponsorship for a full language or region, please specify on your donation, or contact us directly.  Sponsorships, must be verified by Twenty20 Faith, and will be used for translation costs and ongoing ministry support for the approved language(s) sponsored.  

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