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Out of This World; A Christian's Guide to Growth and Purpose has ministered to a readership of more than ONE MILLION in 170 countries and 18 languages world-wide.

Our vision is to bring this exceptional, foundation-building devotional to millions of new Christians in more than 170 countries in 50 languages.  

Through our partnership with YouVersion's The Bible App, our goal is to translate the entire book into 50 languages, and deploy globally in digital format on the YouVersion platform at absolutely no cost to our readers.   

Our hope is that you will consider joining us in partnership to help bring this to fruition. 

Current Translation Projects:



  • AFRIKAANS ($2,500):  Spoken across southern portions of Africa including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.  We have established a "Community Sponsorship" opportunity for this language on Facebook.  Visit our Facebook Fundraiser for Afrikaans!

  • CROATIAN ($2,500):  5 Million People in Croatia speak its native language.  It is also spoken to a smaller extent in Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Austria.

  • BULGARIAN ($2,500):  12 Million People in Bulgaria and across Eastern Europe speak Bulgarian.  

  • POLISH ($2,500):  43 Million People speak the Polish language worldwide.  38 Million speak it as their native language, predominantly in Poland and across Europe.

Twenty20 Faith is focused on expanding its ministry impact across Europe, Africa and Asia through language translations over the course of this year.  If you have a particular interest in sponsoring a language(s) not listed above, please Contact Us.  





How You Can Help . . .

Language Sponsorship & General Giving


Your donation of any size will go toward these translations, deployments and on-going ministry support to new Christians around the world.  Visit our Donate page to learn more about one-time or regular monthly giving.

Sponsorship for a full language:  $2500

To request sponsorship for a full language(s), we suggest that you first Contact Us directly.  Sponsorships, must be verified by Twenty20 Faith, and will be used for translation and deployment costs, as well as ongoing ministry support.  


Sponsor a Language: $2,500 US

If you've not already obtained an approved language from Twenty20 Faith, we will reach out with options for you to choose from once your gift is received.  Normally, a full translation takes 4 to 8 weeks from sponsorship to going live on YouVersion's The Bible App.  In advance, THANK YOU for your generosity!

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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